It has been 360 days since I was in Ireland.

Me before I quit drinking back in 1995. I was so drunk back then I can only date the photo from the Cronins EOS coach in the background...

And in 3 days time I shall return! A 16 day sojourn, until Sunday July 24th. I shall do my bit to live up to the national stereotype by taking lots of deep breaths to take in the country air, drinking to excess, pretending it’s not raining and blatantly ignoring traffic signals.

What have I missed? Eh… Obama, the Queen, King Enda taking the crown in a general election, the IMF buying the country, the death of a man who tried to pretend we and he weren’t in trouble, Manchester United topping the table but not being Barca-quality, Drogheda United propping up the table but not being relegated and of course snowpocalypse.

Oh wait, I’m meant to say I missed my family, friends and our tail-less eye-less cat Lily? Oh yeah, those too I guess…

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