How SEO helps your business

SEO also improves user experience, making it more likely for customers to become repeat buyers.

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While many customers will naturally gravitate towards keyword-rich business websites to increase the search engine results for their business’ name, some keywords can be put into an SEO strategy to optimize and improve your company’s visibility on the web.

Investigate What a Search Engine Sees

Before you decide to put your business into an SEO plan, you should be aware of what a search engine sees. In addition to adding keywords to the list of search results, you also need to know what your competitors are doing.

Have they already placed their business name into an SEO strategy?

Have they analyzed their competitor’s SEO strategies?

What have they done?

Are there unique strategies the competitors are implementing?

Which keyword ideas would work best?

Is this a keyword idea that a search engine will take in? If it isn’t, you should reconsider if your keyword idea is worth investing in SEO, if not, we recommend obtaining SEO services to come up with a different strategy.

Review Keywords

Once you know what keyword options a search engine should consider, you’ll need to review your existing keyword list. Use a keyword research tool like to review your existing keywords. The tool shows you all of the possible variations of each keyword, how many sites are currently ranking for each variations, how many relevant website are using this variation of that keyword, and what these sites’ CTRs are.

Access Your Ranking Data

Once you have a list of possible keyword variations, review the number of pages on which these keywords rank. Then search the content on those pages to see how people are using these keyword variations. Make sure your competitors don’t have a higher percentage of pages on which these keywords rank than you do.

The more pages you can target with your keyword, the more traffic your website will have.

Let’s say you rank #4 for one of your keywords. If you target only 25% of pages on which this keyword appears, you’ll still have more than 10 times the ranking for this keyword as the next highest competitor.

Let’s say your other keywords all perform below average.

That means you have a significant advantage and should focus your efforts on improving your rankings on those keywords.

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