My Match Schedule

edit: got my Germany V Argentina from a tout! 8th and final game. Sniffle.

So I’ve got tickets to 7 games across 5 of South Africa’s host cities. May not make it to all of them due to travel interruptions and similarly if tickets arise for some other games then I’d be a fool not to go! And everyone pities the fool.

You can get a full idea of all the games nicely visualised and presented by Spain’s Marca magazine over here. And for a wee printable timetable go to to the BBC.

June 11th: 8.30pm
Cape Town – Green Point Stadium
Uruguay 0-0 France [Group A: match 1/3]

June 15th: 4.00pm
Port Elizabeth – Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
Ivory Coast 0-0 Portugal [Group G: match 1/3]

June 16th: 4.00pm
Durban – Durban Stadium
Spain 0-1 Switzerland [Group H: match 1/3]

June 19th: 1.30pm
Durban – Durban Stadium
Netherlands 1-0 Japan [Group E: match 2/3]

June 25th: 8.30pm
Bloemfontein – Free State Stadium
Switzerland 0-0 Honduras [Group H: match 3/3]

June 27th: 8.30pm
Johannesburg – Soccer City Stadium
Argentina 3-1 Mexico [Knock-out round of 16 – 1B v 2A]

June 28th: 8.30pm
Johannesburg – Ellis Park Stadium
Brazil 3-0 Chile [Knock-out round of 16 – 1G v 2H]

July 3rd: 4.00m
Cape Town – Green Point Stadium
Argentina 0-4 Germany [Quarter-final 3]

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