Twitter activitiez for 2010-06-12

  • Henry getting ready to come on. For diaby? Govou? Boos have started already. #worldcup #
  • – men with buckets&spades cleaning green point stadium pitch.Is this fifa’s idea of a half-time show?!? #worldcup #
  • Just walked by martin keown strolling around cape town’s green point stadium, tis like being back in tv3 newsroom on champions league night #
  • Not a great first half. Forlan showed some real class but suarez not living up to billing yet.our vuvuzelas aint silenced though! #
  • Chorus of resounding boos in stadium4thierry henrys name when announced.Maybe we shud all move on? Nah. #ireland #worldcup #cheatingbastard #
  • Spotted a good few irish tricolours in green point #worldcup stadium.Its a third full&already deafening!took half hr2get crisps tho.not cool #
  • Well that was a thorough security check getting in2green point stadium.But operation henry is stil go,they didn’t spot the rifle! #
  • Super super slow mo replay showing just what a finish that was, wowza! Mex wil need something extra special from dos santos now. #worldcup #
  • Biggest cheer of the game so far here in cape town when that was disallowed. These guys would be delighted with 0-0! #worldcup #
  • – The crowd at the waterfront in cape town gettin a bit excited! They’re hanging out of lampposts to get a view! #
  • List for #worldcup overload! RT @Zonal_Marking You can of course follow over 100 football journalists with one click: #
  • Feel sorry for any Capetonians who don’t like #worldcup place has been BONKERS for 24hrs!Hopefully they went on hols&rented out their homes! #
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