Twitter activitiez for 2010-06-22

  • On the plus side this more than likely means i'll be seeing argentina V mexico in joburg next week, would have been amazing if it was #rsa #
  • #fra goal sucked the air out of the room here. We're only 90mins from bloem&i convinced myself i was hearin those vuvuzelas,but no more #rsa #
  • Seriously thierry, join the nba – stop handling the damn ball! #worldcup #fra #
  • You're not the only one! Would be tough on mexico but still… RT @monaghanpenguin: Would love to see SA go through! #
  • The half time pundits on south african tv are so cool, acting like this was the plan all along! Kevin keegan making his sabc debut #worldcup #
  • What i would pay to be a fly on the wall in the french dressing room at half time.i assume it'll just be 25guys sitting in silence pouting. #
  • first thing laurent blanc needs2do when he takes over as #fra boss-tonight! -is work out how2get the bordeaux gourcuff2play4national side… #
  • Well that #rsa goal got the crowd buzzing in the 'george and dragon' in kimberley. Now come on mexico! Or indeed uruguay! Anyone! #
  • #rsa keeper seems to have gone for the mc hammer hairstyle for today's game with #fra #
  • Has there ever been a more contrasting set of teams in the tunnel?Bafana singing away while french manage to balance nonchalance with meh. #
  • – The biggest hole in the world? Always thought it was longford. Tis actually a diamond mine in kimberley, SA. #
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