Twitter activitiez for 2010-06-25

  • Surprisingly entertaining little match at bloemfontein, palacios is bossing for #hon but to no avail. Really hope #swi go out tonight… #
  • – 15mins to go and an abysmal crowd here for #swi and #hon Probably all in the pub watching spain! #bbcworldcup #
  • This has been an atrocious second half. It's like they both just decide they were happy to get into last 16 unbeaten.Spain may await though! #
  • Ulrika style? RT @daraobriain: @TonyCascarino62 well, there's no way I'm letting Collymore beat you… #
  • – Swiss fans having liquid lunch before honduras clash on bloemfontein's 2nd avenue.they'r 'quietly confident'! #
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