Deca’dant… so what’s wrong with these pictures?

Aside from the fact they sleep in the same bed.

Wobbly: Shilling Wii Fit. 2009.

Bykaaah: Ant and Dec reprising their roles as PJ and Duncan in Byker Grove for Geoff's funeral in series 12

Sunny: Publicity shot for I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here, 2008.

Hairline sideview: Mid conversation at Britain's Got Talent auditions, January 2011.

Man bags

Cleaning up: National TV Awards, 2002.

Daper: The Sun Military Awards, South London. Dec 2010.

Ah: Get me out of here, 2010.

Gym, tan, laundry.

So all of the above are pictures of Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly taken from the last 12 years. And each one of them…. has been horizontally flipped. Placing Declan on the left instead of the right and vice versa.

This was done to demonstrate that Ant and Dec are a funny oul pair. They ALWAYS stand the same side of each other. I’ve spent a long time trawling through “ant and dec” on google images and the only time you’ll see them upsetting the status quo anytime in the last decade is when they’re caught of guard. Consider the occasional candid paparazzi shot, like this one at Sir Bobby Robson’s funeral in 2009.

Now I know it’s perfectly common for presenters/musicians to have preferences for particular sides of a stage, but to then take this off camera and into real life is a bit mad. On the wikipedia page for film-making’s 180 degree rule, you can read about the dangers and perils of “crossing the line”. It seems Ant and Dec’s left-right relationship is a real-life extension of this.

But what I find most interesting is that these guys are never switched off! Aside from press and presenting work, whether they’re walking to the gym, out of a strip-club at 4am or to lay some flowers at Geoff’s grave, you’ll always see big tall Anto on our left and lil cutey Deccy on the right. This is evidently now just a sub-conscious thing for them. Has anyone ever gotten their picture taken with them (except for in Madame Tussauds where, unsurprisingly, the axis remains) and heard them say, “way up pet, i alwooys goh on the raight!”. What a burden it must be.

Of course they haven’t always been this way. Ant and Dec made their names as the lovable rogues PJ and Duncan in the CBBC teen drama, Byker Grove. Despite PJ going blind from an errant paintball, they still managed to kick-start a successful pop career and are now, against all the odds, the most successful TV duo since Morecambe and Wise.

Back in the PJ and Duncan days, they were less focused on the 180 degree rule. Back then Ant was more interested in breathing in some Donna Air, and Dec was paying close attention to crafting the ultimate ’90s under-cut. Because of this we get promo shots and photos with the refreshing novelty of Ant/PJ getting to stand on the right!

Watch us wreck the mike. Psyche…

Duncan looks nauceous

I've got a cooler phone than Zack Morris.

No words necessary.

Anyone not own this on tape?

Effortlessly 90s.

Chicago Bulls FTW.


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