Only steers and queers come from Texas

I’ll be watching you!!

Stumbled across this video today, can’t help but share. It’s all great, though no big surprise to see what they put at the top…

worth watching a bit more of the scene…

12 fun facts about R Lee Ermey

1. He broke his arm in a jeep accident while filming Full Metal Jacket. In some scenes in the movie, he does not move his left arm at all.

2. He voiced Sarge in all three Toy Story movies.

3. He is a candidate for the National Rifle Association (NRA) board of directors. And is damn good with a sniper rifle.

4. He voiced a prison warden in Spongebob Squarepants.

5. He played the janitor’s dad in Scrubs.

6. He has promoted Glock firearms, Coors Light and Tupperware.

7. He has a Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross and a National Defense Service Medal, amongst others awards.

8. He was in Apocalypse Now, Mississippi Burning, Naked Gun 33â…“ and Se7en.

9. He gets to be called “The Gunny”.

10. He reckons army tattoos are awesome.

11. He thinks Obama is a socialist who is destroying America.

12. He played Gregory House’s father in HouseS05E04, “Birthmarks”.

Ronald Lee Emery. Hates Obama. Like Tupperware.

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