Twitter activitiez for 2010-06-29

  • Seems like torres going off was the trigger for the spain side we know and love to start to play. Whoda thunk it… #
  • But he aint senna! RT @sidlowe: I'm not a big Busquets fan but he played v well last two games and I'd say a bit more fluid than Xabi Alonso #
  • Iniesta has been very quiet for #esp shot was his only meaningful contribution.Game's so hard to call. Hope it's not set for spot-kicks… #
  • Getting ready to go on a cycle around soweto, this can't possibly go wrong can it? Tour guide is wesley 'my friends call me snipes'… #
  • Also i really think we saw the world champions winning tonight, as a well-drilled 11 man unit, brazil are quite close to flawless. #worldcup #
  • Thanks!Tonight was my last game… BUT am trying to sort argVger! RT @THFCband: @wheatln2 Man you are seeing some class matches, I'm jealous #
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