From Durban to Jozi, photos LITERALLY from the road

I know it’s illegal to take pictures while driving…

These are some quick poorly framed and lit snapshots I took, mostly with my phone, over the last 10 days or so while driving between Durban and Johannesburg via Free State. I kind of like the weird gritty feel that the Nokia E51 brings to the party. And don’t forget to click the little speech bubble in the bottom left to get the captions.

This video is the mark of a man slowly going insane:

It’s me stuck at some “roadworks”. These stopovers are an industry onto themselves. Two people are needed to wave the red flag at you, they get a phonecall from someone else a few miles down the road when they can earn their wages and switch to waving the green flag. Depending on the traffic and the length of the road affected, you might be stuck there for anything up to 30 minutes. In which time you see the contents of a long-distance minibus taxi spill out onto the road as people go for a piss or a cigarette. The equivalent stock of a Tesco fruit & veg department gets offered to you by some clever entrepreneur and invariably someone in the line of traffic will have fallen asleep and will have to get a few honks to get started again.

Still though, it’s all a lot less stressful than the M50.

PS, proper write-ups and pics of Free State and Jozi soon! It’s been a funny week…

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