Gimme bouts…

Give the band a hand.

So Bouts are playing Twisted Pepper as part of Hard Working Class Heroes on Saturday October 9th at 9.10pm. Baring a disaster or a miracle it will be their live debut.

I formed what became Bouts with Barry Bracken formerly of Dublin band Lines Drawing Circles about a year ago and we quickly added my housemate and fellow former Green Lights-er (what a silly phrase) Daniel Flynn as drummer. We were temporarily known as BND until the other verbal-diarrhoea inspired bandname came about. Having done a brief but fruitless search for a permanent guitarist we ended up writing/jamming/working together as a three-piece and eventually came to record an album, “New Ways of Saying NO” with the incredibly talented and just as lovely Shane Cullen in Deansgrange’s K9 studios (sidenote: I wish this was his website:

We were lucky enough to get Barry’s old bandmate Peter Grogan to come in and skilfully slap the bass on a few tunes. Add in a tiny bit of subtle bass do-woppery from Mr. Cullen and some sublime guitar work from Barry Quinn, a Monaghan cohort of Daniel’s and incredible artist of a rather different nature, and you’ve got an album the three of us were pretty stoked with.

Right now a new Barry B + Daniel + othernonnigels line-up is beginning to take shape and the album awaits a proper release. In the mean-time you can stream the whole thing over at bandcamp or stream it at the bottom of this post… And a tip of the hat to euphiophone for the artwork, read more on the process here.

It sucks I’m not playing the gig (this of course just a few days after the other band I left behind, Attention Bébé, played the Electric Picnic), but hey these are the sacrifices I make for being in Toronto. Hmmm… Anyway here’s a silly picture of the three of us in front of a box (credit and kudos to Ger Duffy).

myspace: /boutsmusic
breaking tunes: /bouts
harmless noise shout-out: /nay

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