Sunburnt Jets. Comin-at-cha…

Give the man a hand.

My very good friend and former band-mate Colin Boylan, now magicly dubbed “Sunburnt Jets”, makes his live debut this Friday at the currently controversy-laden Crawdaddy. The gig is as opening act for Kill Krinkle Club‘s “Abandon” album launch. Can’t wait to hear this one, their live show was always well weird but ridiculously engaging what with the horse heads and all that.

Support on the night also comes from the mighty Funeral Suits, a band Green Lights played with many times back in the day and who will release a truly monstrous album one day (hurry it up guys!). Sunburnt Jets is on at 20.45 sharp and is being helped out on the night by the very talented Thom(ass) Fanning, who i presume will only be playing guitar but hell I wouldn’t be surprised to see playing zither or kazoo either.

Collie was only added to the bill after this poster was made, but it’s still lovely so well worthy of posting…

Also of note is the Sunburnt Jets website, It’s pretty nifty. Why do I like it? Because I made it!

The Sunburnt Jets’ debut album “Low Flying Crow” is available for free download right now in your choice of format from bandcamp. It’s embedded below so check it out.

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