February 2nd 2010. A sad day.

A little bit of me gone.

It’s not often that you get two big surprises in a day. Unfortunately yesterday brought a double dose of something sad.

First of all, Twitter informs me, in very simple terms…

"The White Stripes have called it a day"

And then a few hours later in work I cheekily go on to the BBC Sport’s mobile site on my phone to get some Premier League score updates and am met with more tragic news…

"Manchester United defender Gary Neville retires." (Opera Mini simulator used to convey realism and recreate the scene)

So within the space of a few hours. Two stalwarts of my teenage years, wiped out. I could spend hours defending both of them to the death, and let’s face it, both Gary Neville and The White Stripes had a lot of detractors in their day…

  • She couldn’t play drums.
  • All their songs sound the same.
  • He couldn’t run.
  • He’d a much more talented brother.
  • They’re not even really siblings.
  • The sex tape was taking it too far.
  • Why does he always stick with the red shirts, why not move on and challenge himself?
  • He talks way too much and got in too many fights.
  • Jack had such dodgy facial hair.
  • Gary had super dodgy facial hair.

Forget about Egypt, this is truly terrible stuff.

Oh wait, what do you mean this isn’t a surprise that neither of them have even done anything of note since 2007?! What?!

In Memoriam 1 – MERKED

In Memoriam 2 – Meg, one banana a piece

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