Sunburnt Jets – retreat // out of here // blood brick

retreat. retreat. retreat.

the new Tilted slightly you don't think it's a propah webpage. There aint no iframe shit goin on here either.

So last Friday, Sunburnt Jets aka Colin Boylan aka mybrotherfromanothermother (and father) released a batch of 3 new songs. This retreat // out of here // blood brick EP follows on from his Low Flying Crow LP which was released last August.

I was delighted to be asked (or told?) to do the artwork, blurbs and a site refresh at, like I did last summer for the album release. It was nice to be involved from afar as the EP also features a few other familiar faces from the glory days of the Green Lights dynasty.

We’re not going to win the grammy for best artwork (yes grammies 87 and 88 are given out for packaging…), but I like it. Likewise the web “site” is just a web “page”, so no webby award for me. The cover shot is a photo Colin took on his recent holliers to California and Las Vegas. What he was doing down a seedy back alley in Santa Cruz I’ll never know but it made for a great shot.

Anyway I’m not going to embed a stream, video or bandcamp link here as you can just head on over to for all that. Click this rainbow-riffic pic to make all your dreams come true.

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