Cru-ou-ou-ou-el // a short post about St. Vincent and All Saints Day

That was then…

A bad photograph of St. Vincent supporting Sufjan Stevens, November 1st 2006, Dublin's Olympia theatre. Pic by wheatln2

And this is now…
[disclaimer – “Cruel” is a potential video and song of the year candidate, it will lodge itself in your consciousness]

So I talked before about my favourite ever show – Sufjan Stevens in Dublin’s Olympia theatre, November 1st – but another thing that made it such a good night was the unknown support act. A member of Sufjan’s touring band, Annie Clark, who called herself “St. Vincent”, looked as sweet as sugar but played some guitar like an animal. Since then we’ve had a bit of thing going on…

She returned to Dublin exactly a year later as support to The National. Also in Dublin’s Olympia (view my pics). Weird no? Oh and did I mention November 1st is ALL SAINTS DAY. Saint Vincent. GAH.

Annie Clark singing with Matt Berninger. November 1st 2007, Dublin's Olympia theatre. Pic by wheatln2.

She then played the sugar club with her band a few weeks later – this guy thought it was grand – and I regret to this day not asking her to marry me as she lined up at the door at the end of the night and thanked the crowd of 250-odd for coming.

But that show isn’t part of this greater narrative of weirdness. Because on November 1st 2010, Grizzly Bear played Dublin’s Vicar Street. Who do you think the support was? I don’t even need to tell you do I.

St. Vincent supports Grizzly Bear, Vicar St, November 1st 2009. photo not by me, but by flickr user alajwhelan

Anyway, this weird “you’re following me, aren’t you” thing has meant she’s always had a special place in my heart. Her first album, Marry Me, absolutely rocked my world. The second one, Actor, was too much. I think the kitchen sink is actually in there somewhere. But now this third one, Strange Mercy, is very enjoyable altogether. Perhaps we’re set for a PJ Harvey V Annie Clarke showdown for my favourite 2011 album by a polite, delectable female.

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