Bouts – new EP – lovely stuff

Meaty music.

Bouts 2.0 - Daniel, Barry, Colin agus Niall

So my old band have a new EP out. We Tried, which is a better song than The Script’s We Cry, is the lead “single” from it. It sounds massive.

As briefly explained in this introductory tumblr post, aptly titled “EP RECORDING“, I left, there was a brief period of stagnation and mourning (I think it was about 40 minutes or so), and Barry and Daniel recruited two of my favourite people – Niall Jackson and Colin Boylan. Niall being the everyman’s stupidly solid bass man and Colin being Sunburnt Jets who occasionally dry heaves into my dreams.

The four new songs were recorded in K9 studios last month where we put together New ways of saying NO back in March 2010. Shane Cullen again proving that there’s no one better if you want a carnivorous record. By carnivorous I mean meaty guitars, raw vocals and a bloody brilliant drum sound.

I just got three meat puns into one sentence. Ba-doom-tish. I’d steak my life that there’s not many others who could do that.

Aaaaanyway, the guys are now looking to get a few months of shows and exposure behind them. I think the Late Late Toy Show or the Skibbereen County Council staff party are the ultimate goals.

Who knows, maybe they’ll wangle their way onto the CMW or NXNE bill here in Toronto. *hint*

In the mean time, they’ll also be all over your internet…

Twitter // BreakingTunes // Soundcloud // Tumblr // Bandcamp

Where’s the geocities page lads?

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